Cloud Management Services of Globells

We incorporate our innovation into the proper acceleration of the cloud management system that gives your enterprise a new and well-defined identity.


Cloud Migration & Hosting

We believe in adding value to your business. Thus, we help you to boost your business along with our seamless cloud migration and hosting service. Whether you want to migrate your application and data to a cloud system or you want seamless hosting with SSD hosting, unlimited data transfer, uptime measurement, etc., we cover it all. Thus, our cloud migration and hosting offer you supreme speed, efficiency, and security.

Web Hosting

Get the best cloud-based internet hosting to enhance the accessibility of your website. Globells offers you the best web hosting that provides you extended space on the server. At the same time, it provides you superior connectivity along with supreme control over the data


Design & Manage Cloud Infra

We strive to bring innovation to your service. This is why we help you to design and manage flexible and easy to access cloud infra solutions. Through the custom-designed solutions and supreme network performance, we offer the OS, application, and proper scalability and control over the cloud. Pour expert professional thus offers additional benefits with the proper guidance in managing the cloud infra

Backup, DC & DR

We understand how much the data matters to your business. Thus, with our cloud management system, we ensure you the proper backup of your data so that you never miss out on any single areas of your highly important data. At the same time, our system works conveniently with proper assessment, implementation, and the maintenance of the data center and data recovery so that you can have improved access and protection of all your business-efficient data.


Managed Services

Add more speed and supreme efficiency to your cloud system. Along with our managed service, we offer you the proper management with an easy and scalable data platform using real-time analysis. With the machine learning data analysis, real-time data management, proactive monitoring, alert, and evaluation, we make sure that you are fully covered with a totally managed process.

SSL Certificates

We understand the importance of security for your site. Hence, we ensure you a secure foundation with industry-rated enhanced support and flexible encryption while providing you the SSL certificate. Evaluate and maximize your security along with our 24x7 customer support.


Domain Registration, Renewal & Transfer

To ease your path in the digital world, we strive to give you the proper coverage in every matter. Thus, Globells work with efficiency to provide you the proper domain registration. Our service also includes the domain renewal and the transfer as per your need. Thus, we ensure seamless speed and enhanced efficiency while helping you with your domain-related areas.

Cloud Management Portfolio

Experience superior control and management over your cloud-based data, as Globells offers you the best cloud development and manages the service with high-end technology.