Globells Web Application Testing Services

With our 5+ years of experience and the ubiquitous internet access across the world, our team tends to focus on highly efficient web application testing. The web application of your organization works conveniently to build your brand's innovative appearance. But the web apps incorporate a myriad of hardware, software, and middleware components, which are a bunch complex in nature and require regular testing.

Our web application testing includes an array of testing activities, which are essential for verifying and validating the features of the application. We ensure the proper navigation pattern, efficient communication, and an easy user interface in the database and application. We tend to cover the end-to-end flow of web apps essentially. Besides that, integration, usability, functionality, security, performance, acceptance testing makes our service top-notch to scale your digital appearance.

The web application service that we offer


The testing experts in Globells ensure the 360 - degree quality of desktop app testing service. Our desktop testing services include frontend UI testing, spanning the app architecture, and backend data validation. The detailed testing provided us thus ensure the hardware compatibility, interoperability, and smooth-functioning of your app, which helps you with a better user - experience


Our application testing service incorporates an array of web applications. Whether it is SaaS, content management system, cloud-based technology, or any other solution, our custom testing uses the high-end technique to ensure the reliability of the application. We run custom-tailored tests to make your web app cross-browser test, which ensures its brilliant functionality and enhanced security.


Globells comes up with a mobile app testing service that is top-notch and highly reliable. We test the performance compatibility, user experience, and reliability of the mobile apps for all platforms. Also, we ensure that your mobile app performs well on all the devices of various manufacturers. Thus our testing ensures the reliability of performance, stability, and time-reduced marketing of your mobile app.

Start the proper way of Web Testing along with Globells:

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Then switching to Globells is going to unleash better opportunities with high-end application building and testing to ensure your best digital performance. Our expert team of service engineers in Globells uses high-end technology and highly efficient tools to provide cutting-edge mobile app testing. Our web- app testing thus gets performed with the highly professional method and the proper running program over every platform to give you the best result every time.

We use highly efficient automation testing tools for software and web application testing, which enhances the acceptance of your web app on every platform and all the devices. Here are the tools that we touch on for testing:

  • Testing Whiz
  • Selenium
  • HPE Unified Functional Testing
  • Ranorex
  • TestComplete
  • Watir
  • Tosca Testsuite

Independent QA and Testing with Globells:

We strive to provide quality to your digital product irrespective of the methodology it uses for the functionality. Globells offers excellent service with the team, which helps you to support your existing QA efforts and at the same time provides you the reliable testing services. This is to help you with the proper project rescuing for software development in the entire stages of its life cycle.

Capabilities of our web testing

The web testing service in Globells comes with huge capabilities and large options for the cutting-edge testing of the applications. Our web- app testing includes:


Our functional testing of the web application includes the process of various testing like UI, APIs, security testing to ensure that your apps are working properly everywhere. Our team of service engineers works with high-end technology so that they can perform conveniently on various platforms and different devices.

  • Security testing
  • APIs testing
  • Database testing and analysis
  • Server testing
  • Client analysis


Performance testing by Globells researchers through the UX design process. We depend on the outcome of the research and the credible insights of it. The UX and UI designers help to create the information along with interfaces and architecture, which enhances the performance of your application. Globells helps you with the better defining of the persona along with the expert UX designers who come with varied domains and wide exposures to give you reliable service

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Defining User Persona
  • Determining User Preferences and Choices
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis


Globells strives to add evaluation to your web applications. Thus our usability testing technique helps you with the evaluation of your digital product by testing it on various users. Our expert team examines the usability of your web application and thus provides valuable features to it to enhance the performance.

  • Usability analysis
  • Database analysis
  • Performance improvement
  • UI development and analysis
  • Client analysis


Globells perform compatibility testing of your web application with ultimate efficiency. Your web applications require the proper testing on various browsers and OS versions. Thus we evaluate the performance of your web application on various platforms so that your user can have the best experience from every device.

  • Browser compatibility testing
  • OS version testing
  • Mobile device testing


Globells performs top-notch regression testing for your web application to analyze if the recent code changes have already altered the existing functionality or not. Thus our regression testing not only limits research but also strives to provide better solutions to solve the problems. We perform both the manual and automated tests for identifying the regression and resolving it.

  • Iteration regression analysis
  • Full regression analysis

Testing Portfolio

Globells offers you an innovative and exclusive development solution for your all web- app and software related problems.